Thermal Transfer Label Stock
Brand Name : STAY - ON

Detailed Product Description:

Thermal Transfer Label Stock is available with Hotmelt Adhesive or Water Base Adhesive in 20”/ 40" width (or any size can slit by the customers’ requirements in 20”).


» Face paper : 70 GSM

» Imported Base Paper : 50/ 60/ 65/ 80 GSM, White/ Yellow/ Brown colour coated with solvent/ solvent less system.

» Adhesive : Hot-melt Pressure - Sensitive Adhesive or Acrylic Adhesive.

» Material also available in the cut sheets.

Packaging :

Sheets are packed in Polyethene Covers and packed in cartons, Rolls are wraped with Shrinkwrap Film and packed in cartons.

Product Usage :

Thermal transfer printing is one of the most popular methods used for producing high quality, free format, random, on demand printed images. The advantages of low equipment cost, low maintenance costs, high image quality, quiet printer operation, and small size make this technology well suited for printing bar code symbols. Thermal transfer ribbon printer development began in the early 1960’s and intensified in the late 1970’s. In the early 1980’s, large numbers of thermal transfer printers began to reach the market. Development of this technology continues today with further enhancements and refinements of; ribbon films, ink coatings, receiver media, and printer mechanism designs.

This paper describes the state of the art as it currently exists with respect to both thermal transfer ribbon and print mechanisms as it is used for demand printing or bar codes. Also on laser printers for large size labels

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