Met. Polyester Gold / Silver / Matt Label Stock
Brand Name : STAY - ON

Detailed Product Description:

Met. Polyester Gold / Silver / Matt Label Stock is available with Hotmelt Adhesive or Water Base Adhesive in 20” width (or any size can slit by the customers’ requirements in 20”).


» Face Material : 24 mic / 50 mic

» Imported Base Paper : 50/ 60/ 65/ 80 GSM, White/ Yellow/ Brown colour coated with solvent/ solvent less system.

» Adhesive : Hot-melt Pressure - Sensitive Adhesive or Acrylic Adhesive.

» Material also available in the cut sheets.

Packaging :

Sheets are packed in Polyethene Covers and packed in cartons, Rolls are wraped with Shrinkwrap Film and packed in cartons.

Product Usage :

Met Polyester Gold

Met. Polyester Gold Self Adhesive creates Permanent beautiful metallic printed labels. This material is a very bright material that takes laser toners very well. Acrylic adhesive is for packaging applications with a minimum application temperature as low as 10°F and a service range of -60°F to 200°F. Prints on Desktop Black and White Laser Printers and Color Laser printers (HP’s: Tuff Paper or Transparency Setting)s.

Met. Polyester Silver Label Stock

Metalized silver polyester film label with the high-tech look of stainless steel. It has a permanent, pressure sensitive, acrylic adhesive and is backed with poly coated, lay flat, quick-release liner.

Met. Polyester Matt (Plain/ Top Coated)

Metalized Polyester Matt Label Stock is excellent for Printing quality. The Self Adhesive is easily removed and leaves no residue, and can be applied, removed and applied again and again. This material can be used just like static cling but will adhere to more materials including plastics, paints, paper, cartons, etc.
Water based adhesive dispersion developed to provide good temporary adhesion to a variety of substrates. It exhibits good adhesion and clean long term removability from most smooth surfaces such as hard plastics, metal, glass, and paper. This adhesive is unique however, in that it also adheres to many challenging surfaces such as Teflon, Textured PVC, and corrugated. Excellent UV resistance.

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