Description :

Double Side Cloth Tapes

Colors : White

Size : 4", 8", 10", 12" x 27 mts

Usage of the Tape :

Double Side Cloth tape used for Carpet Hold-down especially designed for carpet to carpet and Carpet to tile application.

Advantages of Tape :

Differential and Adhesive Construction
Double sided Cloth Tape with Release Liner
High Grade Silicone Coated Polyethylene Release Liner facilitates easy unwind.
Extremely Aggressive Adhesive
Designed for residue-free removal from both Adhesive Faces.

Applications of the Tape:

Carpet hold-down especially designed for carpet to carpet and carpet to tile application in the convention industry, Multipurpose use for general Mounting and Holding.

Generally Used in the Markets :

Industries, Floor Covering, Printing

Specifications of the Tape :

Cloth Thickness: 10 mil
Adhesive Thickness 25-GSM
Doubel Side Liner Thickness 80-GSM
Total GSM of Tape - 130-GSM

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