elf Adhesive Chromo Art Paper
Brand Name : STAY - ON

Detailed Product Description:

Self Adhesive Chromo Art Paper available with Hotmelt Adhesive or acrylic Base Adhesive in 20”/ 40"width and can slit to your requirements in 20”/ 40"decal.

Specifications :

» Face paper : Available 75/ 80/ 90/ 130 GSM

» Imported Base Paper : 50/ 60/ 65/ 80 GSM, White/ Yellow/ Brown colour coated with solvent/ solvent less system.

» Adhesive : Hot-melt Pressure - Sensitive Adhesive or Acrylic Adhesive.

» Material also available in the cut sheets.

» Packing :

Sheets are packed in Polyethene Covers and packed in cartons, Rolls are wraped with Shrinkwrap Film and packed in cartons.

Product Usage :

Chromo Art Paper includes woodpulp or woodfree stocks coated on one side. The coating is always waterproof and is designed for maximum embossing and bronzing performance in offset environments. This label stock is used mainly to make small & page size labels, wrapping posters etc.,

Chromo Art lable stock is preferable for high-quality reproduction of colour prints and usually have a very smooth, glossy surface, though some have a matte or semi-matte finish. They allow illustrations to be reproduced by offset or letterpress in much finer halftone screens.

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